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“WEPCO” organizes an educational seminar for the workers “The challenges facing the nation and their impact on the Egyptian National Security”

Under the directions of the Ministry of Petroleum and executing of the instructions of Engineer Tarek El-Molla Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, of holding meetings with the workers of the company to make them aware of the challenges facing the country and the great accomplishments that has been realized in Egypt in the last period.

Western Desert Operating Petroleum Company “WEPCO” has organized an educational seminar titled “National Projects Accomplishments and Challenges”, to educate and make its workers aware of the accomplishments and efforts spent by the country under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

This seminar has been attended by Engineer Ibrahim Massoud Chairman and Directing Manager and the seminar was lectured by Major General Farouk El-Makrahi Assistant Secretary of the last Minister of Internal Affairs.

Engineer Ibrahim Massoud started the seminar with a talk on the Petroleum Sector about how in the last few years it was able to realize many accomplishments in Egypt and in the Petroleum and Gas Sector. “WEPCO” had a hand in that through the creation the new shipping line of 8.5 kilometers in the Mediterranean Sea for tankers at El-Hamra Petroleum Terminal. That project is one of the vital, economical, and strategic projects in the shipping field in Egypt as well as a source of providing the foreign currency needed to import some of the petroleum products and reducing the risks created from importing these products.

Engineer Ibrahim Massoud assured that the accomplishments realized by the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources under the leadership of Engineer Tarek El-Molla is founded on a plan for the future to guarantee the sustainability and the stability of gains realized in the Petroleum Sector. That is why projects are being created with the goal of the development and modernization of the sector and using all of the potentials to support the wheel of sustainable development in Egypt to contribute in the realization of national projects and transforming Egypt into a regional hub for the trade of Petroleum.

At the end of his speech, Engineer Ibrahim Massoud pointed out that Egypt has been a great country throughout the ages and doesn’t deserve the ingratitude it’s receiving these days and that lack of awareness is much more dangerous that poverty as in the danger facing Egypt isn’t lying within its enemies but it lies within itself, as throughout the ages the foreign enemies of Egypt has known nothing but defeat from the Egyptian Army.

General Major Farouk El-Makrahi Assistant Secretary of the last Minister of Internal Affairs spoke of how Egypt has been and still being targeted in the last few years, targeting the Egyptian people and country, and whoever responds to these misguided ideas and rumors is just fuel for a battle that’s not his own and is just serving others and the ruining of the Egyptian country.

He has also stated that Egypt in the last period has witnessed a real ascension in all fields as the plethora of national projects that has been and being realized puts Egypt on the road of true development and launches Egypt forward at great and unexpected speed.

He also pointed out that the destructive ideas that are being spread by some in the last period to reduce the importance of the national projects are nothing but ruining rumors that needs to be fought and deflected with all of our might and everyone needs to be aware of the importance of these national projects that are going to create a real rise and ascension for the country and that the Egyptian people are fully ready to sacrifice his life for the nation however he can’t sacrifice his efforts for that country.

At the end of the congress, General Major Farouk El-Makrahi assured everyone that the recession that Egypt has been living in the last few years should’ve had been followed by the creation of large projects to rise with the economical level and making a giant leap forward jumping out of the bottleneck.

At the end as well, a documentary video has been presented about the challenges and the major accomplishments reached by the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Petroleum Sector during the time in office of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi.

In the seminar, he was been accompanied by Accountant Mohamed El-Assy General Manager of Financial Affairs and Member of the Board, Engineer El-Sayed Sobhi General Manager of the Western Desert Region, Accountant Sherine Gamea General Manager of Internal Audit, Chemist Mohamed Hassan General Manager of Safety and Health at work, Engineer Ibrahim El-Hawary General Manager of El-Hamra Terminal Region, Brigadier General Hatem Rashed General Director of Security, M. Hossam El-Din Moustafa Head of the Syndicate Committee, and an entourage of the of general managers and assistant general managers.