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Elhamra Terminal

Western Desert Operating Petroleum Company WEPCO established El-Hamra Terminal on 1968 at the Mediterranean coast and 120 km west of the Alexandria city for handling all western desert crude oil production which is represent about 50% of Egypt crude oil production.

All Western Desert production is transported to ElHamra Terminal thru three main pipelines where these pipelines are automatically controlled and well monitored by metering stations.

All received quantities are shipped to Refineries thru ElHamra/Karir pipeline 20 inche diameter and to export tankers thru marine loading facilities.

El-Hamra Terminal has the following facilities:

1. Elhamra Terminal On-shore facilities:

  • 6 floating roof storage tanks of 1.5 million BBLS total capacity.
  • Main manifold which can control the crude oil movement in the terminal.
  • Loading system comprises of two pumping stations, each pump station consists of two pump units with flow rate about 500,000 BBLS/day for each pump.
  • Metering units to control, monitor the pipeline and count all delivered quantities.
  • 2 fixed roof oily water tanks to receive the oily water drained from storage tanks.
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited Laboratory for controlling the quality of received and shipped crude oil.
  • Workshops compound to achieve high reliability of equipment through routine preventive maintenance program


2. Elhamra Terminal Off-shore facilities:

  • Single Buoy mooring (SBM) which can accommodate tankers up to 100,000 Dead Weight Tons.
  • Marine Loading pipeline with 30 inche diameter and 7 km total length.

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