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Wepco policy

WEPCO works in the field of managing El-Hamra Terminal & oil pipelines, handling petroleum products, receiving, shipping & reshipping of crude oil & petroleum products, either through foreign export tankers or to refineries through Pipeline Petroleum Company. Providing all services performed by petroleum ports & necessary tankers services. Considering health, safety & environmental protection as fundamental elements in our policy. Our commitment towards QHS&E performance & sustainable development is an integrated part of our business.

WEPCO’s top management has laid down its policy, basic principles & commitments as well as philosophies with respect to QHS&E that aims to:

  • Protect the environment and prevent pollution by reducing gas emissions, solid and liquid wastes.
  • Ensure the safety of employees, neighboring communities, environmental sensitive areas and reserves.
  • All accidents/negative impacts are preventable including environmental accidents, assets damage, occupational diseases, health hazards and injuries to employees as well as contractors through applying an effective loss control management system.
  • Providing comprehensive training for all the different functional levels of the company in order to increase awareness and responsibility towards QHS&E measures.
  • Establish and implement an integrated management system to maintain Occupational Health, Safety & Environment in our operations and continual improvement of this system at all levels of our organization.
  • Improve the medical care as well as the public health for all employees.
  • Continual upgrading of anti-spill equipments to withstand any oil spill either in marine environment or onshore.
  • Comply with all applicable QHS&E national & international laws, standards and legislations related to our activities.
  • Set QHS&E objectives, continuous measuring & evaluating its implementation & removing any obstacle that might prevent its achievement.

All of us have a role to play,,,

Each of us has the right and duty to intervene with unsafe acts and conditions or when activities are not in compliance with our HSE policy commitment.