Wepco | Western Desert Operating Petroleum Co.



Western Desert Operating Petroleum Co. (WEPCO) was founded in Egypt, to work in the field of managing El-Hamra Terminal & oil pipelines, handling petroleum products, receiving, shipping & re-shipping of crude oil & petroleum products, either through foreign export tankers or to refineries through Pipeline Petroleum Company. Providing all services performed by petroleum ports & necessary tankers services.

WEPCO’s top management has committed to establish the company’s policy and the basic principles for the effectively practicing of our leading role in upgrading the level of performance and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with the company’s customers, and strategic directions, taking into consideration changes in internal, external and interested parties requirements, so policy aims to:

  • Implementing a Quality Management System compatible with ISO 9001:2015 international standard requirements, and continually improving its effectiveness.
  • Enhance & improve our services for all customers including future customers, in order to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction.
  • Increasing employees’ awareness, capabilities and enhancing their performance through effective training in order to achieve the company’s quality objectives and to reach successful results.
  • Implement the principal of continual improvement at all levels of our organization, and ensuring working environment suitable to achieve our goals.
  • Establish quality objectives and periodically following up their implementation and applicability.
  • Ensure that WEPCO’s quality policy is disseminated, communicated and understood through the company and is available to interested parties. Comply with quality applicable laws and regulations