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Badr Field

BADR Field History:

  • Badr field was the oldest producing asset for Bapetco/Shell consists of three main producing reservoirs Kharita & Bahariya and Abu Roash “C, D, & G”, the field has been producing since 1982.
  • Badr 1-1 well was the first well to be drilled in Badr concession on 1981 by shell Winning N.V. Consequently, Bader El-Din Company has been formed according to the development agreement in the early 1980s.
  • Relinquish of Badr field occurred in 30/11/2012 due to the end of concession agreement between shell/Bapetco and EGPC.
  • EGPC assigned WEPCO to take over the Exploration and operation activities in Badr field from the sea level to the lower kharita formation according to the petroleum minister decision in 2/3/2014 and concession agreement law no. 92/2014.
  • Since November 2014 till now Badr Field is operated by WEPCO with 100% Egyptian Expertise


Badr Field Location:

  • The Badr field is located in the western desert on the edge of Qattara Depression (about 300 Km) west of Cairo, (90Km) south of Alamein City, the field is adjacent to Abu Gharadig Field.