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WEPCO Denies Available Job Vacancies News

Recently, false news has been circulating on social media and the internet of the availability of job vacancies at some companies and most probably some of those websites publish these news without double checking on their authenticity hoping to generate clicks on social media websites, and in that regard some news has been spread about available job vacancies at Western Desert Operating Petroleum Company “WEPCO”, which caused a large number of young employees to provide their papers wanting to work at the company due to the proclamations made by those unofficial websites

Western Desert Petroleum Company “WEPCO” denies the news of available job vacancies

And brings notice to social media users to double check all the details of said news and not to rush into believing or sharing any piece of news they get, also the company confirms that if there are any job vacancies available that they will be published on the company’s website and the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation’s news website with information on all available specializations and the procedures necessary to apply