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WEPCO President inspects the well exploration 9_8 Bed and well development Bed 1-38 at Badr-1 site

WEPCO’s Chmn’s field trips to implement the directives of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and the instructions of Eng. Tariq Al Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources No. 2111 of 2019; regarding the necessity of the presence of the heads of boards of directors at work sites in the fields to follow the progress of work.
Eng. Ibrahim Massoud, Chmn of the Board of Directors and the Managing Director, made a field visit to “Badr-1” site, during which he inspected the “EDC 9” drilling auger to follow up on the exploratory drilling of well “9-8”
Moreover, he held a meeting with the drilling officials to emphasize on the importance of the professional safety and health in excavation work, stressing the need to preserve lives and property; in addition to prioritize the safety and health of employees.
Additionally, Massoud inspected the maintenance and repair of the “NDC 4” wells. He checked on the carried out tests on the development well “38-1”, which is a very big addition to the production rates of “Badr-1” site; which will be announced soon.
Furthermore, he made a tour at the production station in the region, in which a meeting was held with the leaders of the region to discuss implementation and installation plans of the new gas compressors. Clarifying that these compressors were tested by WEPCO, USA. They are expected to arrive next March.
At the end of the tour, Massoud held a meeting with the workers of the site, in the presence of the company’s leaders and president, listened to their demands and promised to meet them. The president of the company asked the workers to make the best efforts they could in order to increase production and shipping in the company, according to the strategy of the Minister of Petroleum, aimed at increasing production and shipping rates.
The president of the company, also, praised the efforts of the union committee in serving their colleagues and create a family spirit among the employees. They work on bridging the gap between the company management with these employees.
During his meeting, he stressed on the need for commitment and seriousness in the work and taking the necessary measures to implement safety and health standards professionally.
The Chmn and Managing Director of WEPCO pointed out that the current projects established in the region are vital, economic and strategic projects in the field of shipping crude in Egypt. Not only that but also in the national economic growth.
During the visit, Massoud was joined by Mohamed Draham, DIR of EMRA, individual from the BoDs, Eng, DIR of Western Desert districts, MR. Sobhy, and the scientist Muhammad Hassan, DIR of Safety and Occupational Health, Professor Muhammad Fathi, Assistant President of the Company for Administrative Affairs and Eng. Hamdi Khamis DIR Badr Region – 1, Mr. Hossam El Din Mustafa, Chmn of the Trade Union Committee, Eng. Hatem Saafan, DIR of Projects, and Brigadier Hatem Rashad, DIR of Administrative Security, and a gathering of honorable men head supervisors and right hand general executives in the organization’s work regions.